I worked at the my local animal shelter as front office staff, and volunteered as shelter photographer as well. I had always loved animals, but my experience working for the animal shelter took it to a whole new level. I have a sneaking suspicion that if people were to get to know an animal individually and intimately, it would eventually find the right home.

I began this blog as an attempt to profile the most underrated and underappreciated type of dog I met day after day at the shelter: the “pit bull” type dog. Hence the name. But it’s become more than that – it is a chronicle of my work in volunteering, profiles of individual animals of all kinds, and currently (as of summer 2012), my work with my own dog, Monster, and his behavioral issues. Now, instead of just focusing on “pit bulls,” I like to think my blog profiles the journey of any obstacles a pet and a pet owner can face, and how much it’s worth the work.

My blog may also chronicle my ambitions to go foster the development of adoption as the norm for adding a pet to the home in our society. I am looking into a career in development, marketing, fundraising, community outreach, and/or media & public relations for animal welfare and advocacy, maybe business school to open my own non-profit rescue, or even law school to work for more animal control legislation that better protect the animals themselves. My mind is always reeling with ideas, and I’ve always got a plan of some sort. Join me for the journey.


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  1. Way to go, Nevie! I didn’t know you were blogging too! I love that you and Juliana and Aleksandra and a few others have such big hearts. Brava! Have you set things up so I can subscribe?

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