Millie was up for adoption through Montgomery County Humane Society. She is a 6 year old spayed female Cocker Spaniel. She was initially very shy and timid, but chooses flight over fight – there is not a snappy or aggressive bone in her little body. Once she gets to know you and knows you are kind and gentle, she attaches and bonds to you very strongly. She has shown no signs of separation anxiety but loves to be by your side, in your lap, laying next to you. She’s very curious about the world and loves to ride in the car. She was turned in extremely underweight and blind in one eye. Later we found out that she had complications resulting from her spay which required immediate surgery, and raised the necessary funds to do so. About a week after New Year’s 2013, Millie went home with the nicest family I think I have ever met. They send me pictures of her as she gains weight and tell me that Millie has found a kindred soul and the love of her life in her human teenage sister.


Vienna, a 1 1/2 year old spayed female tortie with white domestic medium hair cat previously belonged to a homeless woman. This woman loved Vienna so thoroughly and with such dedication that even though she was confined to a wheelchair and had no home of her own, she carted Vienna around faithfully until she knew that it was no longer best for her beloved cat. (Read about Vienna’s first few days after I met her.) As I helped this lady sign her well-loved and beautiful cat over to the shelter, she wept. Assuming Vienna might be traumatized by traveling around so much (something cats aren’t known for enjoying), I was pleasantly surprised to find a gentle and sweet, though shy, cat. There is something to be said for having been so loved. I instantly fell for something that could endure so much and remain so loving and sweet. She prefers human company more than anything else. Vienna deserved a permanent, loving home after all she’s been through, and after a truly terrible weekend at the shelter for me, something joyful happened and she finally found the best home I could have hoped for.

Dreidel was an 8-week-old all black neutered male kitten available for adoption through the Montgomery County Humane Society foster program. He arrived with his siblings and his mom in a cardboard box, confused and hungry, but had a grand old time playing with his siblings in their shelter cage, too young to know the difference. Once, however, all his siblings had been adopted, Dreidel, a natural born companion who loves to be near his company, was left behind and began losing weight. I pulled him into my home where he kept me completely entertained with his curiosity about dogs (or at least, television), frustrated with his insistence turning the pushpins in my bulletin board into toys, and completely heart-melted with the way I would wake up in the morning and find him curled up against my cheek. I brought Dreidel home on January 1st and said goodbye to him 25 days later, the same week I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. The morning Dre was to be adopted, he gave me non-stop kisses with his sandpaper kitten tongue, bringing me almost to tears at how he seemed to know I was sad and going to miss him and a certain someone else. Animals just know.


Shelley entered the shelter one fateful November night with her very, very sick sister. They were about three months old, and as of yet, Shelley showed no physical signs of illness other than being lethargic and more than happy to snuggle into my arms. She stared up at me with totally pathetic doe eyes and I knew I’d found my first foster. Sadly, Shelley’s sister didn’t make it, so to ensure that little calico princess wouldn’t go the same route, I packed her up and moved her into my room. Through Shelley, I learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping small kittens healthy and plump, as well as how to manage enthusiastic kittens with litterbox instincts but imperfect aim. Shelley kept me up at 4am wanting to play, stunk up my bedroom with her potent food, and pretended to be a fierce jungle cat when she gained a clean, strong and steady bill of health. She ensnared my family into absolute loving bliss and was adopted about three and half weeks after coming home with me. She now lives with a kitty boyfriend and two adorable human sisters.


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